Most digital privacy advocates take user consent as the go to solution to avoid Big Brother. But does that stand the test of reality?

Online consent is not a trivial process. source: BBC

This discussion stems from a thought provoking tweet, to say the least. “Maybe consent should have *no* place in privacy law”.

And how to solve it, in theory and in practice

Identity systems have traditionally been hierarchical directories. In organizations, central administrators define the rights that each user (or group of users) has on the system. And so, they need to know who the user is.

One the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog

That’s a big problem to…

More than a licence, we need to commit to a sustainable digital infrastructure.

A (very) brief history of open software movements

Both free software and opensource have had tremendous success.

Steve Klabnik has provided a great historical review of the origin of free software with Stallman’s GNU announcement in 1983. …

These two related concepts are fundamentally different, and complementary. I use them in my work in cybersecurity, but the current crisis better illustrates the point for the general public.

How can we mitigate the damages from the next pandemic?

This is a risk question, one that is typically studied by the likes of WHO and re-insurers. It requires the estimation…

Proof of stake (PoS) is a hot topic in the blockchain community. But will it work out as expected?

A short primer on consensus history

Why would we need Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, instead of Proof of Work? In short, the answer is two-fold : scalability and resource-efficiency.

For a more elaborate answer, let’s start…

An opiniated vision of how we should stop spending time on useless coordination strategies.

Project management sucks. Period.

We spend so much time trying to fix broken things that we often even forget what we’re trying to achieve.

Let me tell you some personal stories. I’m an entrepreneur. I have been working on large scale IT projects for the biggest companies you probably can…

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